Sometimes Homeowners are left with the question, “Why did my home not sell?”  A question that is even worse is, “Why did my Agent not sell my home?”  I can answer the last question without even viewing your home; however, the first one is a little more complex.  There are many factors that go into selling a home:

Is the home priced appropriately?

Not pricing your home properly can be a very big deterrent for future home buyers for several reasons.  Pricing too high will limit the number of showings that you receive.  Pricing too low will also limit your showings, because people may assume there is something wrong with your property.  Many people feel that if the neighbor down the street is asking a certain price for their home, then they should at least be able to ask the same or more for theirs.  This is not always the case.  An appraiser will first attempt to find properties that have sold in the neighborhood, with the same square footage and similar structure.  When/if they can’t find anything in the neighborhood, they will try and find a similar neighborhood and similar home.  If that is not possible, then they will find a home larger or smaller inside the neighborhood and make additions and subtractions as necessary.  So, pricing a home is crucial to selling your home quickly and closing on your home without any issues.

Is the home properly marketed?

Marketing these days is a no brainer.  If your Agent is plugged in to all the normal sites like Zillow, Trulia, &, then most buyers will see your home.  Buyers today are internet savvy.  They aren’t picking up the Hard Copy at the grocery store and then calling to buy your home.  They are getting on the internet, or they notice a sign in the yard (Not so much in the Bluffton and Hilton Head area, because there are many private communities that do not allow signs).  There are other things that an agent can do to make sure that your home is in front of other agents daily.  Another good marketing idea is for your Agent to contact neighbors announcing that your home is on the market.  They may know someone that is looking and wouldn’t it be great if they could choose their next neighbors?

Are there any factors that might deter a buyer from purchasing my home?

Does your home need paint, does your home need a new roof, does your home need new AC or Heat, Is the flooring in poor shape, is the lack of landscaping hurting the sale of my home?  Maybe that doggy odor that you can’t smell anymore because you are used to it has potential buyers turning around and walking away.  These could be factors that are keeping potential buyers from considering your home. 

What does the competition look like?

Are there homes in the neighborhood that are for sale that are like your property?  What are they selling for?  Are there nearby properties that are for sale like your property?  Are the incentives on other homes better?  These items will go back to pricing your home appropriately to get the most activity.  If your Realtor does his research, he will have these answers for you.

Were there good pictures taken of my home?

Don’t let your Realtor cut corners on the pictures!  First impressions can be the difference of someone coming to view your home or not.  Nothing turns a buyer off than not enough pictures or poor-quality photos.  Dark, poor lighted photos will make a place look gloomy.

These items are just a few of the important details when selling your home.  Make sure that you have an Agent that is honest with you about things that may deter potential purchasers.  Make sure that your Agent is a seasoned negotiator and close the deal.  Make sure your Realtor is doing the job that he was hired to do.  I am not in the business of listing homes, I am in the business of selling homes.  Give me 15 minutes to preview your property and I can tell you why your home did not sell.